Boyne City Public Schools


Instructor: Mr. Jim Beckering

This course is a beginning art class that studies the elements of design, Famous artists and different cultures will be explored for their historical contributions to art. A variety of media will be experienced.

The class takes the basic concepts taught in the Elements of Art class and expands those into the principles of design. Techniques will be taught in the following media: watercolor, acrylic, ink, pastels and colored pencil. Method of critiquing will be learned by analyzing famous artists work and individual works.
Prerequisite: Elements of Art

This class explores concepts related to art in the third dimension such as relief, modular construction, shape and form. Media such as paper mache’, copper wire, clay, metal, alabaster, and wood will be included. Students are responsible for paying for materials used in this class.
Prerequisite: Elements of Art

This class explores the graphic arts medium of printmaking. Areas that will be covered include traditional methods of relief such as linoleum, block print, stamping, cardboard, stencil and silk screen. Stduents are respsponsible for paying for materials used in this class.
Prerequisites: Drawing and Painting

POTTERY (10-12th)
The pottery class offers the student the ability to expand on their three-dimensional experiences. The course will strengthen the students’ tactile skill development. Students will be taught wheel and hand building techniques and will work in stoneware clay. An emphasis will be placed on understanding clay formation, glaze development, and decorating techniques. Students are responsible for paying for materials used in this class.
Prerequisites: Three Dimensional Design

This class is designed to meet the needs of the advanced art student who wants to pursue an area of art in depth. The course has two primary objectives: first is for the student to analyze the need to prepare a portfolio for college admission; the second objective enables students to participate in individual art production. Students are responsible for paying for materials used in this class.
Prerequisites: Successful completion Elements of Art, Drawing and Painting, and Printmaking or Elements of Art, Three Dimensional Design, and Pottery (3 courses), teacher permission is required for advanced studio art. Students must have demonstrated artistic talent and strong motivation to work independently. Admission is limited to availability and teacher discretion.

In this course students will develop multimedia design skills while working in a video/film production house environment. Individual assignments are completed to develop individual skills, while merging their projects in a group production plan. Projects will be for school and for actual clients in the community. Projects will be assigned by the instructor and require a professional level of finished quality. Different jobs in the production team include but are not limited to: Video Editors; Animators; CD-ROM and Web Programmers; DVD Designers; Graphic Designers; 3-D Animators. Successful team members will be VERY self-motivated workers, interested in computers and technology, have creative imaginations, be good team members and have the ability to see a project through completion over long periods of time.
Prerequisites: : A strong interest in computers, technology, media and design STRONGLY recommended. An interest in the Interactive Kiosk, and an ability to work well with others will make for a good prospect. STUDENTS WILL NEED TO COMPLETE AN APPLICATION OF ADMISSION FOR THIS CLASS. If you have any questions consult the instructor on your entrance to the program.