Boyne City Public Schools


Instructors: Mrs. Amy Hertel

SPANISH I (9-12th)
The primary focus in Spanish I is on learning the basic fundamentals of the language in order to be a successful second language learner. Throughout the year students will be learning grammar structures and A LOT of vocabulary. The first year study of Spanish introduces the student to the sound system, vocabulary, grammar, and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. Of primary importance are mastery of sentence structure, present tense including both regular and irregular forms, and basic vocabulary to express simple ideas both orally and written. They will learn the material in a variety of ways such as educational games, competitions, projects, skits, cultural cooking, music, etc.

SPANISH II (10-12th) 2 terms
Spanish II will focus on mastering first year concepts and vocabulary as well as expanding the students’ command of written and spoken language. It will also include an intense study of the reflexive, progressive and future tenses. There will be an increased emphasis on reading, creative writing, speaking and listening. The students will learn new vocabulary and grammar in thematic units, which will allow them to organize the information that they are learning for practical use. By the end of Spanish II students will be much more confident in their ability to communicate, read, and write in Spanish. They will learn the vocabulary and grammar concepts in a variety of ways, and put what they have learned into action by performing skits, role-playing, creating fashion shows, videos and commercials, and experiencing culture through authentic cooking, music and videos.
Prerequisite: Successful completion (C+ or better) in Spanish I.

SPANISH III (11-12th)
SSpanish III will include a review of work in Spanish I and II. The focus of Spanish III is to learn and use practical grammar and vocabulary for real life xperiences in a variety of ways. It will include an introduction to the remainder of tenses and advanced grammar structures as well as additional vocabulary. Reading, creative writing, and communication in the language are strongly emphasized. Students will complete a variety of projects throughout the year. They will have the opportunity perform in and create a play, create commercials, sitcoms, songs, and learning games. Spanish III will also help to better prepare them for the Spanish entrance exam for college.
Prerequisite: Successful completion (C+ or better) in Spanish II

Spanish IV will focus on the mastery of vocabulary and grammar structures from Spanish I, II, and especially III. There will be great emphasis on oral communication, reading and writing. This course might be better named, Spanish Communication. Students will create real-life scenes and role-play them in thematic units. They will learn practical vocabulary and slang that would help them in the streets of a foreign country. Students will read short stories and novels while having discussions and debates on various topics in Spanish, which will better prepare them for college and real-life experiences.
Prerequisite: Successful completion (C+ or better) in Spanish III