Boyne City Public Schools


Instructors: Mrs. Michele Deming, Mr. Chris Ames, Mr. Mark Pontoni


This course focuses on United States history from the Industrial Revolution through the end of the twentieth century. We look at the influence of the Industrial Revolution, Westward Expansion, the impact of increasing levels of European and Asian immigration, the rise of organized labor, the world of “Jim Crow”, the changing roles of women, the 1920’s, the US becoming a world power, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, the rise of youth culture—the beat, hippie, and punk generations—the Vietnam war, Watergate, the Reagan era, the rise of a Cyberspace culture, as well as other developments in the United States in the last few years. The student will gain insight into the aspects that are most crucial for a solid understanding of the nation’s history.

This course is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of American Government. It will include a study of the need for Government, the American democratic system, the structure and function of our national government, and the rights and freedoms guaranteed citizens. Political activity, political systems, and an individual’s control over his government will be explored. Government is chiefly concerned with the national government and of the three branches: The Presidency, Congress, and the Federal Judicial System, but some emphasis will be put on the study of state and local governments.

This course explores the fundamental laws of scarcity, opportunity cost, supply, demand, productivity and efficiency as they apply to individual and collective human behavior. The American system of free enterprise will be explored featuring the common State of Michigan expectations of (1) Economic Choice, (2) Role of Government, (3) Economic Systems, (4) Trade, and (5) Personal finance. Macroeconomic concepts such as inflation, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy will also be discussed. Course content will be applied in a variety of ways including simulations and development of a personal finance plan.

World History fulfills the graduation requirements for required credit in the field of Social Studies. This comprehensive, college-prep class surveys the major developments in Western Civilization, with a focus on geography and culture. Beginning with the prehistoric period, the class covers such topics as ancient Egyptian civilization, the foundations of democracy in Greece, the Roman Republic and Empire periods, the Medieval era, European Nation-building, Exploration, The Renaissance and Reformation, Colonialism, Native Cultures and World Power Struggles.


This class focuses on the development of the media (radio, film, TV, literature, etc.) as it relates to American culture. Students will explore pivotal events in 20th century American history, discover the media’s profound impact on those events and analyze the effect of the media on popular culture. Students will be expected to complete multiple film analysis papers, research types of media, analyze radio, books and TV from specific decades and synthesize their findings with class lectures on the development of Postmodernism in American history.

PSYCHOLOGY (11-12th)
This course focuses on the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Topics to be discussed include an introduction to early psychological theory, psychological research methods, human development, personality, the brain and intelligence, psychological disorders, learning and gender. The student will gain insight into the aspects that are most crucial for a solid understanding of psychology.

SOCIOLOGY (11-12th)
The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the study of sociology, to familiarize them with the sociological approach to social life, relations, and problems and to acquaint them with the basic concepts, tools and methods used by specialists in the field.

PEER ASSISTED LEARNING (P.A.L.) PREPARATION (10-12th) 1 term Students are trained to be a P.A.L. and receive skills in listening, conflict resolution, and current social issues
Prerequiste: This course is by placement only through peer recommendation and Interview Selection..

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