Read and comprehend general and technical material

         Demonstrate the ability to write clear and grammatically correct sentences, paragraphs, and compositions

         Focus on meaning and communication as they listen, speak, view, read, and write in personal, social, occupational, and civic contexts

         Use the English language effectively

         Read and analyze a wide variety of classic and contemporary literature and other texts

         Seek information, ideas, enjoyment, and understanding of their individuality, our common heritage and humanity, and the rich diversity of our society

         Learn to communicate information accurately and effectively

         Demonstrate their expressive abilities by creating oral, written, and visual texts that enlighten and engage an audience

         Demonstrate, analyze, and reflect upon the skills and processes used to communicate through listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing

         Explore and use the characteristics of different types of texts, aesthetic elements, and mechanics to construct and convey meaning

         Demonstrate understanding of the complexity of enduring issues and recurring problems by making connections and generating themes within and across texts

         Apply knowledge, ideas, and issues drawn from texts to their lives and the lives of others

         Define and investigate important issues and problems using a variety of resources to explore and create texts

         Develop and apply personal, shared, and academic criteria for the employment, appreciation, and evaluation of their own and others oral, written, and visual texts